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RCAS uses a  reporting system that uses a scoring of 1,2,3,4 to report student progress.  The scores inform parents, teachers and students how the student is progressing towards learning the standards that are required.   The traditional system, while we feel we knew what an "A" meant for our child, we didn't really know what they had learned.  The letter grade measured how well students did in relation to their classmates.   A standards based progress report allows you to measure your student's academic progress using a standard measure, the State Standards.  It helps answer, "Are they learning what they need to know, and how well are they doing?"

What is a Standard? 

Why use Standards? 

What does the Progress Report tell you as a parent?

Explaining the System of    (4:  Advanced   3: Proficient  2:  Basic  and 1 : Below Basic)

Knowing what each number means is a critical piece to understanding the standards based reporting. The report card states that:  4:  Advanced   3: Proficient  2:  Basic  and 1 : Below Basic

But, what does that mean for students, teachers and parents?  I have been mulling around and researching how best to explain to my parents how this might look.

The 4 is received when your child knows the standard that is expected and their understanding is  also far beyond that standard.  They can consistently show evidence of understanding and consistently produce quality work.


The 3 is received when your child knows the standard as stated,  consistently shows evidence of that understanding and is able to  produce quality work


The 2 can be thought of as: My child is progressing toward the standard, but  not quite on track to reach the standard by the end of the year. Attention needs to be paid to make sure that learning is advancing, some intervention may be necessary.   Produces the required grade level work with teacher direction and assistance. 


The 1 can be thought of as:  My child is at risk of not meeting the standard and will require extra support and intervention to achieve the standard.  There is beginning evidence of growth and that growth needs to be sustained and nurtured.  Not yet able to produce required grade level work .

What to Expect for the First Trimester:

Having stated that:  It is also VERY important to remember that the all reporting periods are assessing how the student is doing on the end of year standard.

 For instance: 

While we don't expect 3's and 4's in the first reporting period, it is possible.  We expect to see the most of 2's, a 1 is going to be a concern. 

What to Expect for the Second and Third Trimesters:

Growth.  We use a Progress Reporting system, your child needs to show growth from grading period to grading period.  If progress is not being made that is a concern and I will talk with you about that.  If you feel that progress is not being shown, please talk to me.  There is a possibility that the number didn't change, but there was still growth and I will gladly show that to you in their work and the assessments I use to monitor learning.


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