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CGI--Parent Guide, explains types of math problems and purposes  Math Newsletters CGI
Strategies Table   Strategies Children Use to solve Math Problems (JRU, SRU etc.) --Everett What's Happening Newsletters-- Explanations for what your child's current unit is all about, Portland doesn't necessarily do each unit in the same month your child's teacher is so you will need to check to see what the current unit is for YOUR child!
Alternative Assessments www.vansd.org At Home With Math--Using math everyday...great ideas for summer math
Math Problem Types in table Multiplication Rock Lyrics
Blackline Masters Pearson VanDeWalle  Create Math Worksheets Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
Everett Public School--Support pages for Investigations  
Assessment Checklists Investigations

 Math-Everything Else!

 Number Talks

Math Steps addition and subtraction to 20

Blackline Masters Pearson VanDeWalle Math Websites--fact families, Mrs. McGowan
New Zealand Numeracy--Masters Dot Card and Ten Frame Activities
Math Their Way Newsletters Mrs.  K. Gursky  Number Families (let's make 5 and 10 etc.)
Multiplication an adventure in Number Sense--charts for each number Multiplication an adventure in Number Sense--charts for each number, Naturalmath.com
Manitoba Education--Games to download for home practice Illuminations--Lesson Plans by Grade and Standard


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