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Behavior Plan

I have found that the most effective method of changing behavior is recognition of the behavior that is desired.  However, sometimes it takes a little something extra to get the positive behavior started. The following plan helps over-emphasize the positive behavior as it is modeled by students and I use it in combination with verbal praise when desired behavior is seen!

I have begun utilizing a plan that relies on red, yellow and green cards to help students recognize behavior that is on target (green cards) and behavior that needs to change (yellow and red cards).

The Cards:

Green Cards:  earned when a child is demonstrating behavior that is "above the line".  Being the first to follow directions, listening the first time asked, modeling for others appropriate behavior, working hard in an area that is difficult for them, helping others...

Yellow Cards: earned when a child is demonstrating behavior that is "below the line" and has been given a verbal warning to discontinue a behavior and has not, can also be earned without a verbal warning if it is an ongoing behavior. 3 minutes of missed recess for each yellow card

Red Cards: earned when a child is demonstrating behavior that is "below the line", has been given a verbal warning, has already possibly earned a yellow card for the behavior, or the behavior is disrupting others and is ongoing. (talking excessively to others when requested to stop, disrupting center work of others through any means when requested to stop, hitting, pushing, pinching, tripping...any physical form of aggression...) 6 minutes of missed recess for each red card

The Process:

10 Green cards earns the student a trip to the treasure box, green cards can also be used get rid of red (exchanged for 2 green cards) and yellow (exchanged for 1 green card)

The exchange process allows the students to use something positive (changed behavior or some other positive behavior) to remove the yellow and red cards, rather than just missing recess. 

Class Behavior Expectations






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